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a novel (1925) by Sinclair Lewis.
Historical Examples

Mr Arrowsmith, as in the case of the island mentioned in the last note, has given the native name to this island, viz.
A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 16 Robert Kerr

The holidays were passed in this camp, with Col. Arrowsmith in command.
Company G A. R. (Albert Rowe) Barlow

Now geography was pretty well known so long ago as when Arrowsmith, who was born in 1750, published his admirable maps.
Medical Essays Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Sorry we had that row when I made such an ass of myself at Arrowsmith’s that night.
The Vanity Girl Compton Mackenzie

As soon as the crowd had turned away, Dr. Arrowsmith made his way to the point where Ruth had been standing.
The Curse of Carne’s Hold G. A. Henty

Dr. Arrowsmith had brought Ruth over under his personal charge.
The Curse of Carne’s Hold G. A. Henty

He testified to entering the bedroom of the deceased with Dr. Arrowsmith, and to the examination he had made of it.
The Curse of Carne’s Hold G. A. Henty

“I am sure he could not have held the pen,” Dr. Arrowsmith replied.
The Curse of Carne’s Hold G. A. Henty

The place of his death was about 9° 32′, and not 8° 43′ as in Mr. Arrowsmith’s map.
The Last Journals of David Livingstone, in Central Africa, from 1865 to His Death, Volume I (of 2), 1866-1868 David Livingstone

“Must be members of Arrowsmith’s company,” one of my neighbors remarked.
Lady Larkspur Meredith Nicholson


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