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containing or relating to .
any of a group of pesticides, drugs, or other compounds containing .
Historical Examples

arsenical Soaps, &c.—Arsenic is used in preserving the skins of animals.
Poisons: Their Effects and Detection Alexander Wynter Blyth

arsenical compounds have supplanted practically all other substances used to combat external biting insects.
Apple Growing M. C. Burritt

Some taxidermists prefer to use in place of the paste some form of arsenical Soap.
Home Taxidermy for Pleasure and Profit Albert B. Farnham

Iron and arsenical Pyrites are also very common attendants, and are both confounded under the name of Mundic.
A Guide to the Mount’s Bay and the Land’s End John Ayrton Paris

A fresh section of it shows it to be arsenical Iron Pyrites, each piece weighing four or five ounces.
The Mound Builders George Bryce

The arsenical vapours being conducted into this passage, adhere both to the sides thereof and to the joists that lye across it.
Elements of the Theory and Practice of Chymistry, 5th ed. Pierre Joseph Macquer

This is owing to some particles of inflammable matter, from which arsenical minerals are seldom quite free.
Elements of the Theory and Practice of Chymistry, 5th ed. Pierre Joseph Macquer

of or containing arsenic
a drug or insecticide containing arsenic

arsenical ar·sen·i·cal (är-sěn’ĭ-kəl)
An agent containing arsenic. adj.
Of, relating to, or containing arsenic.


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