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a mineral, arsenic trioxide, As 2 O 3 , occurring usually as a white incrustation on arsenical ores.


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  • Arsenopyrite

    a common mineral, iron arsenic sulfide, FeAsS, occurring in silver-white to steel-gray crystals or masses: an ore of arsenic. noun a white or grey metallic mineral consisting of a sulphide of iron and arsenic that forms monoclinic crystals with an orthorhombic shape: an ore of arsenic. Formula: FeAsS Also called mispickel

  • Arsenous

    containing arsenic in the trivalent state, as arsenous chloride, AsCl 3 . of or derived from arsenous acid.

  • Arsenous acid

    a hypothetical acid, H 3 AsO 3 or HAsO 2 , found only in solution or in the form of its salts. .

  • Ars gratia artis

    art for art’s sake. noun phrase art for the sake of art Examples The Impressionists’s motto was ‘ars gratia artis’. Word Origin Latin

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