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Art director

Movies, Television. the person who determines the staging requirements for a production and often designs the sets or supervises their building and dressing.
Also called art editor. a person who is responsible for the selection, execution, production, etc., of graphic art for a publication, advertising agency, or the like.
Contemporary Examples

At work, Peggy was forced to deal with a rocky relationship with art director Stan Rizzo (Jay R. Ferguson).
‘Mad Men’ Premiere: Before Season 5, Let’s Remember Season 4 Jace Lacob March 21, 2012

We saw that you have a little art in your background and decided to make you the art director.
The True Story Behind Operation ‘Argo’ to Rescue Americans From Iran Antonio Mendez, Matt Baglio September 16, 2012

Five years later the art director selected another of those portraits for a cover.
Newsweek’s Watergate Legacy Jim Doyle December 28, 2012

“He didn’t respect his talent,” says Michael Gross, the former Lampoon art director, who saw him frequently in California.
Doug Kenney: The Odd Comic Genius Behind ‘Animal House’ and National Lampoon Robert Sam Anson February 28, 2014

Still, for an art director whose design aesthetic is pristine, his early months at the magazine were rather messy.
The Magazine Whisperer Jacob Bernstein November 9, 2009

Historical Examples

“That’s all right,” said the Editor as the art director took the drawing down.
The “Genius” Theodore Dreiser

Maybe he could be an art director or a lithographer or something.
The “Genius” Theodore Dreiser

The art director approved it on sight, though he said nothing, but carried it in to the Editor.
The “Genius” Theodore Dreiser

And I want to become an art director because I think I’d make a good one.
The “Genius” Theodore Dreiser

Now I depend upon my art director to tell me something about these things.
The “Genius” Theodore Dreiser

a person responsible for the sets and costumes in a film

See art direction


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