Also called Cynthia. an ancient Greek goddess, the daughter of Leto and the sister of Apollo, characterized as a virgin huntress and associated with the moon.
Compare .
a female given name.
Contemporary Examples

The puppies come from more than 20 shelters across the country—Artemis came from Puerto Rico, just for the occasion.
‘The Puppy Bowl’: The Super Bowl’s Fiercest Rival Lori-Lee Emshey February 1, 2014

Artemis Stefanoudaki, a 38-year-old photographer, lives on the razor-thin margin between poverty and destitution.
A Dickensian Christmas For Greece’s New Poor Barbie Latza Nadeau December 21, 2013

He set fire to the famous Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, in what is now Turkey and then allowed himself to be caught.
An ISIS Killer in His Own Awful Words Miranda Frum September 2, 2014

The Artemis Project’s success at The Hospital for Sick Children has led other hospitals to join the study.
Big Data’s Powerful Effect on Tiny Babies CNBC September 17, 2013

“They cut the head of Golden Dawn,” 21-year-old supporter Artemis Sarafoglou told the New York Times.
The Folly of Banning Greece’s Neo-Nazi Party James Kirchick October 4, 2013

Historical Examples

The hair was gilded to represent the blonde hair which the poets ascribed to Artemis (Diana).
A History of Art for Beginners and Students Clara Erskine Clement

Compare also Apollo hyakinthos as further evidence of the link with Artemis.
The Evolution of the Dragon G. Elliot Smith

“I do not want her to be up upon a pillar like Artemis and Hebe, who are still in the hall,” Halcyone said.
Halcyone Elinor Glyn

So Prokris sailed back to the land of Erechtheus with the gifts of Artemis.
Museum of Antiquity L. W. Yaggy

The protecting influence of Artemis was extended, like that of Apollo, to the highest animal, man.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 6 Various

(Greek myth) the virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon: the twin sister of Apollo Roman counterpart Diana Also called Cynthia

Greek goddess of the moon, wild animals, hunting, childbirth, etc.; sister of Apollo; her name is of unknown origin.
Artemis [(ahr-tuh-mis)]

The Greek name for Diana, the virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon; the daughter of Zeus and the sister of Apollo. Artemis was also called Cynthia.
Advanced Research Testbed for Medical Informatics

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