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Arteria lusoria

arteria lusoria

arteria lusoria arteria lu·so·ri·a (lōō-sôr’ē-ə)
An abnormally placed artery or vascular ring causing pressure on the esophagus and producing dysphagia.


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    arteria arteria ar·te·ri·a (är-tēr’ē-ə) n. pl. ar·te·ri·ae (-tēr’ē-ē’) Artery. Historical Examples The neck contains the spine, the gullet, and the arteria (or windpipe). Lives of Eminent Zoologists, from Aristotle to Linnus William MacGillivray These appearances were propagated into the arteria innominata. The Evolution of Modern Medicine William Osler The arteria venalis hath two valves called […]

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