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Arteriosclerosis obliterans

arteriosclerosis obliterans

arteriosclerosis obliterans arteriosclerosis o·blit·er·ans (ə-blĭt’ə-rānz’)
Arteriosclerosis producing narrowing and occlusion of the arterial lumen.


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  • Arteriosclerotic

    degenerative changes in the arteries, characterized by thickening of the vessel walls and accumulation of calcium with consequent loss of elasticity and lessened blood flow. Historical Examples True epileptic convulsions dependent on arteriosclerotic changes are also seen and are not so uncommon. Arteriosclerosis and Hypertension: Louis Marshall Warfield The lesions of the arteriosclerotic kidney are […]

  • Arteriosclerotic aneurysm

    arteriosclerotic aneurysm arteriosclerotic aneurysm n. The most common type of aneurysm, occurring in the abdominal aorta and other large arteries primarily in the older persons, due to weakening of the tunica media by severe atherosclerosis.

  • Arteriospasm

    arteriospasm arteriospasm ar·te·ri·o·spasm (är-tēr’ē-ō-spāz’əm) n. Spasm of one or more arteries.

  • Arteriostenosis

    arteriostenosis arteriostenosis ar·te·ri·o·ste·no·sis (är-tēr’ē-ō-stə-nō’sĭs) n. A temporary or permanent narrowing of the caliber of an artery, as by vasoconstriction or arteriosclerosis.

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