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any invertebrate of the phylum Arthropoda, having a segmented body, jointed limbs, and usually a chitinous shell that undergoes moltings, including the insects, spiders and other arachnids, crustaceans, and myriapods.
Also, arthropodal
[ahr-throp-uh-dl] /ɑrˈθrɒp ə dl/ (Show IPA), arthropodan
[ahr-throp-uh-dn] /ɑrˈθrɒp ə dn/ (Show IPA), arthropodous
[ahr-throp-uh-duh s] /ɑrˈθrɒp ə dəs/ (Show IPA). belonging or pertaining to the Arthropoda.
Historical Examples

He thought he could find fifteen segments in all arthropods.
Form and Function E. S. (Edward Stuart) Russell

He concludes, therefore, that the cephalaspids were arthropods, and not vertebrates.
The Origin of Vertebrates Walter Holbrook Gaskell

It is not known whether cockroaches are protected by apparent mimetic resemblances to other arthropods.
The Biotic Associations of Cockroaches Louis M. Roth

Ectoparasites and other arthropods occurring in Texas bat caves.
The Biotic Associations of Cockroaches Louis M. Roth

Of all the arthropods there are none which are more universally feared than are the spiders.
Handbook of Medical Entomology William Albert Riley

This seems to be often the case in forms infecting Molluscs and arthropods.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 5 Various

Kohls and Jellison listed no cockroaches among the arthropods from six bat caves in Texas.
The Biotic Associations of Cockroaches Louis M. Roth

Max il’ l, the appendages just back of the mandibles in arthropods.
A Guide for the Study of Animals Worrallo Whitney

Thus metamorphosis occurs in this branch as well as among the arthropods and Echinoderms.
Elementary Zoology, Second Edition Vernon L. Kellogg

The first of these has, in Arachnids as in other arthropods, its pair of appendages represented by the eyes.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 3 Various

any invertebrate of the phylum Arthropoda, having jointed limbs, a segmented body, and an exoskeleton made of chitin. The group includes the crustaceans, insects, arachnids, and centipedes

1877, from Modern Latin Arthropoda, literally “those with jointed feet,” biological classification of the phylum of segmented, legged invertebrates; see Arthropoda.

arthropod ar·thro·pod (är’thrə-pŏd’)
Any of numerous invertebrate animals of the phylum Arthropoda, including insects, crustaceans, arachnids, and myriapods.
Any of numerous invertebrate animals of the phylum Arthopoda, characterized by an exoskeleton made of chitin and a segmented body with pairs of jointed appendages. Arthropods share many features with annelids and may have evolved from them in the Precambrian Era. Arthropods include the insects, crustaceans, arachnids, myriapods, and extinct trilobites, and are the largest phylum in the animal kingdom.
arthropods [(ahr-thruh-podz)]

A phylum, or major division of the animal kingdom. Arthropods are animals with jointed legs and segmented bodies, such as insects, spiders, centipedes, and crustaceans. There are more species of arthropods than of any other animal phylum.


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