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Arthur miller

Arthur, 1915–2005, U.S. playwright and novelist.
Glenn, 1904–44, U.S. dance bandleader and trombonist.
Henry, 1891–1980, U.S. novelist.
[wah-keen] /wɑˈkin/ (Show IPA), (Cincinnatus Heine Miller) 1841–1913, U.S. poet.
Joe (Joseph or Josias Miller) 1684–1738, English actor, after whom Joe Miller’s Jestbook was named.
Merton Howard, 1923–2000, U.S. economist: Nobel prize 1990.
William, 1782–1849, U.S. religious leader: founder of the Adventist Church.
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a person who keeps, operates, or works in a mill, esp a corn mill
another name for milling machine
a person who operates a milling machine
any of various pale coloured or white moths, especially the medium-sized noctuid Apatele leporina
an edible basidiomycetous fungus, Clitopilus prunulus, with a white funnel-shaped cap and pinkish spores, often forming rings in grass
Arthur. 1915–2005, US dramatist. His plays include Death of a Salesman (1949), The Crucible (1953), A View from the Bridge (1955), and Mr Peters’ Connections (1998)
(Alton) Glenn. 1904–44, US composer, trombonist, and band leader. His popular compositions include “Moonlight Serenade”. During World War II he was leader of the US Air Force band in Europe. He disappeared without trace on a flight between England and France
Henry (Valentine). 1891–1980, US novelist, author of Tropic of Cancer (1934) and Tropic of Capricorn (1938)
Hugh 1802–56, Scottish geologist and writer
Sir Jonathan (Wolfe). born 1934, British doctor, actor, and theatre director. His productions include Shakespeare, Ibsen, and Chekhov as well as numerous operas. He has also presented many television medical programmes


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