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of or relating to King , who, with his knights, formed the subject of a large part of medieval romance:
Arthurian legends.
Contemporary Examples

In Arthurian legend, a knights wearing black indicate both power but also mystery and independence.
You Can Indeed Judge a Book By Its Cover Brian Gresko November 19, 2013

Historical Examples

This is the only mention in this poem of the town so well known in other versions of the Arthurian legend.
Parzival (vol. 2 of 2) Wolfram von Eschenback

These must, therefore, be older than the full-blown Arthurian legend.
Studies on the Legend of the Holy Grail Alfred Nutt

Follow with a sketch of the Druids, the Celts and their folk lore and the Arthurian legends.
The Complete Club Book for Women Caroline French Benton

The character of Kay is one of the problems of the Arthurian legends.
Parzival (vol. 1 of 2) Wolfram von Eschenback

Chrestien de Troyes undoubtedly contributed not a little to the popularity of the Arthurian legends.
A Short History of French Literature George Saintsbury

He is not to be confused with the Arthurian Geraint, who died in battle.
The Cornish Coast (South) Charles G. Harper

He systematised the Arthurian tales by spiritualising them and making them essentially Christian.
Richard Wagner His Life and His Dramas W. J. Henderson

None of the other Arthurian heroes has undergone a parallel development.
The Legend of Sir Lancelot du Lac Jessie L. Weston

Britanny contributed the wonderfully suggestive Arthurian legends, and the peculiar music and style of the lai.
A Short History of French Literature George Saintsbury

of or relating to King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table

“pertaining to the series of tales of British King Arthur and his knights,” 1793, from Arthur + -ian.


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