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a person or thing that .
Phonetics. a movable organ, as the tongue, lips, or uvula, the action of which is involved in the production of speech sounds.
Compare .
Dentistry. a mechanical device, representing the jaws, to which casts may be attached: used in the making of dentures.
a person or thing that articulates
(phonetics) any vocal organ that takes part in the production of a speech sound. Such organs are of two types: those that can move, such as the tongue, lips, etc (active articulators), and those that remain fixed, such as the teeth, the hard palate, etc (passive articulators)

articulator ar·tic·u·la·tor (är-tĭk’yə-lā’tər)
A mechanical device representing the temporomandibular joints and the jaw bones, used in dentistry to obtain proper articulation of artificial teeth.


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