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Artificial aids

Manège. (def 6b).
Historical Examples

All artificial aids to beauty should be sparingly used, and have no place whatever upon the toilet table of the young girl.
Social Life Maud C. Cooke

Hence, the universal craving for artificial aids to digestion.
Smoking and Drinking James Parton

Brief information as to all artificial aids to navigation is shown on the charts.
Nautical Charts G. R. Putnam

Lighthouses, buoys, and other artificial aids to navigation are represented, with descriptive abbreviations.
Nautical Charts G. R. Putnam

He takes his own confusion due to loss of artificial aids for an objective situation.
Human Nature and Conduct John Dewey

There was no suggestion of the exotic beauty of Olga Petrovic; she adopted no artificial aids to enhance her appearance.
The Everlasting Arms Joseph Hocking

She has a dark complexion naturally, and this effect is heightened by artificial aids which cost her nothing.
Sketches New and Old, Complete Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

Dishonest signal stealing might be defined as obtaining information by artificial aids.
Pitching in a Pinch Christy Mathewson

The explanation seems to be that certain instincts are developed in proportion to the want of artificial aids.
The Siberian Overland Route from Peking to Petersburg, Alexander Michie

The first consideration by those who would develop clairvoyance by artificial aids is the choice of a suitable agent.
Second Sight Sepharial


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    . permanent surgical immobilization of a joint. artificial ankylosis ar·ti·fi·cial ankylosis (är’tə-fĭsh’əl) n. See arthrodesis. arthrodesis ar·throd·e·sis (är-thrŏd’ĭ-sĭs, är’thrə-dē’sĭs) n. The surgical fixation of a joint to promote bone fusion. Also called artificial ankylosis, syndesis.

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