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Artificial horizon

a level, as a surface of mercury, used in determining the altitudes of stars.
Compare (def 35).
the bubble in a sextant or octant for aerial use.
Also called flight indicator, gyro horizon. Aeronautics. an instrument that indicates the banking and pitch of an aircraft with respect to the horizon.
Historical Examples

It may be used afloat under favourable circumstances (the observer and artificial horizon being placed on a pendulum table).
Shifts and Expedients of Camp Life, Travel & Exploration W. B. Lord

In making such observations an artificial horizon must be used.
My Attainment of the Pole Frederick A. Cook

He tipped a lever, watched the artificial horizon tilt slightly.
Sound of Terror Don Berry

His artificial horizon had been arranged but a short distance away.
First at the North Pole Edward Stratemeyer

Murdaugh, always active and efficient, had his artificial horizon ready upon the ice, and gave us an approximate latitude.
Adrift in the Arctic Ice Pack Elisha Kent Kane

Shortly before noon a halt was called, the artificial horizon set up, and the flags and sledge standards displayed.
The Great Frozen Sea Albert Hastings Markham

But what about the image of the sun upon the artificial horizon?
My Attainment of the Pole Frederick A. Cook

He went below into his room, secured the old 226 log of the M.C. Burns and the artificial horizon.
The Harbor of Doubt Frank Williams

His sextant, artificial horizon, thermometer, and compasses were carried apart.
Great African Travellers W.H.G. Kingston

The instruments used in taking observations for latitude may be either a sextant and an artificial horizon, or a small theodolite.
The North Pole Robert E. Peary

Also called gyro horizon. an aircraft instrument, using a gyroscope, that indicates the aircraft’s attitude in relation to the horizontal
(astronomy) a level reflecting surface, such as one of mercury, that measures the altitude of a celestial body as half the angle between the body and its reflection


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