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a soldier serving in an unit of the army.
Historical Examples

In the Rue Crozatier an artillerist of the army, gone over to the people on the 18th March, was surrounded.
History of the Commune of 1871 P. Lissagary

He threw out his anchor, which ricochetted, as an artillerist would say.
Phaeton Rogers Rossiter Johnson

Meanwhile, the Spanish governor learned this man was an artillerist and a maker of “artificial fires.”
Artillery Through the Ages Albert Manucy

“My poor Reddy—he went the way of Double-grey,” sighed the artillerist.
The Sword of Honor, volumes 1 & 2 Eugne Sue

The artillerist drew a quick breath, let the button alone, and raised his head higher.
The Long Roll Mary Johnston

So explained the artillerist while the pair idled back to the open deck.
Kincaid’s Battery George W. Cable

It was most important for the artillerist to understand the different classes of guns.
Artillery Through the Ages Albert Manucy

The constable’s epicurean tastes irritated the mayor, who, as chief of the city militia, outranked the artillerist.
Told by the Death’s Head Mr Jkai

In command of a battery only three weeks, he fell universally lamented, the first artillerist of the army.
The Life of Isaac Ingalls Stevens, Volume I (of 2) Hazard Stevens

Napoleon, an artillerist par excellence, considered campaigns and battles to be something more than duels of artillery.
Diary from March 4, 1861, to November 12, 1862 Adam Gurowski

noun (pl) -men
a serviceman who serves in an artillery unit

1778; see artillery + -ist.


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