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Artist’s journal


See art journal


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  • Artiste

    an , especially an actor, singer, dancer, or other public performer. Contemporary Examples He hated actually dealing with business matters, preferring to play the role of the likable artiste. Spielberg’s Shattered Dream Nicole LaPorte May 2, 2010 After seeing Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova perform in Cairo, Iolas knew he wanted to be an artiste. Alexander […]

  • Artistic

    conforming to the standards of ; satisfying aesthetic requirements: artistic productions. showing skill or excellence in execution: artistic workmanship. exhibiting taste, discriminating judgment, or sensitivity: an artistic arrangement of flowers; artistic handling of a delicate diplomatic situation. exhibiting an involvement in or appreciation of , especially the fine : He had wide-ranging artistic interests. involving […]

  • Artistic director

    a person who is responsible for the administration of a theater or ballet company, opera house, etc. Contemporary Examples His father was the artistic director of an ad agency, while his mom taught art history. How Airline Pilot and Instagram Star Adam Senatori Gets Perspective from 1,400 Feet Oliver Jones October 12, 2014 Guyton, founder […]

  • Artistic license

    noun the freedom to create an artwork, musical work, or piece of writing based on the artist’s interpretation and mainly for effect; also called poetic license , etc. Examples Artistic license often provokes controversy by offending those who resent the reinterpretation of cherished beliefs or previous works. Word Origin 1845 Usage Note colloquialism Contemporary Examples […]

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