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the elements that constitute a mechanical, as type, proofs, and illustrations.
a mechanical; paste-up.

the production of artistic or craft objects.
the object so produced.
Contemporary Examples

The local people open their homes to show off their treasures inside: artworks, Shoji screens, their homes.
Bar-Hopping With the Kyoto Geisha Liza Foreman August 31, 2014

But here was the chance to save not just this painting, but tens of thousands of artworks.
Inside Hitler’s Fantasy Museum Noah Charney February 6, 2014

My artworks are like a mirror, the cultural expression of society in which we live in.
Kate Middleton Goes to Springfield Justin Jones September 1, 2014

A new study claims that over 70 percent of artworks for sale are either fakes or misattributions.
Are Over Half the Works on the Art Market Really Fakes? Tom Sykes October 16, 2014

But then, the fire started and destroyed the hundreds of artworks he had produced.
Franck de las Mercedes Lost Everything in a Fire…Except His Faberge Egg Justin Jones April 7, 2014

The show gathers a fascinating array of photographs, documents, objects, and artworks related to Étant donnés and its conception.
Marcel Duchamp’s Secret Masterpiece Rachel Wolff August 27, 2009

The artworks by all involved attest to the diversity and creative energy of the formerly conjoined continents.
Saatchi Resurrects Ancient Pangaea with Show Featuring South American and African Artists Chloë Ashby April 3, 2014

By Tom Sykes A new study claims that over 70 percent of artworks for sale are either fakes or misattributions.
9 Must-Read Stories of Syria’s Tokyo Rose, Missing WMDs and #GamerGate: The Best of The Beast William Boot October 17, 2014

The artworks themselves were often thinly veiled propaganda.
Great Renaissance Art Thrived Amid Filth Nick Romeo December 2, 2014

Historical Examples

Kitsch-like images are used as ironic devices in artworks critical of the bourgeois taste.
The Civilization of Illiteracy Mihai Nadin

all the original nontextual matter in a publication, esp the illustrations

also art-work, 1877, from art (n.) + work (n.).


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