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a town in S West Sussex, in S England: castle.
Historical Examples

Copies from several of these works may be seen in the Arundel Society’s Collection.
A Popular Handbook to the National Gallery, Volume I, Foreign Schools Various

Howard, fourth son of the Earl of Arundel, and was sold by him.
Notes and Queries, Number 204, September 24, 1853 Various

Some Arundel prints hung upon the pillars, and Agnes expressed the opinion that pictures inside a place of worship were a pity.
The Longest Journey E. M. Forster

“I have borne heavier,” replied Arundel with a cynical smile.
The White Rose of Langley Emily Sarah Holt

Mrs. Arundel looked up from the desk where she was writing a letter, and saw her daughter standing before her.
The Ivory Gate, a new edition Walter Besant

You know the Earl of Arundel comes sometimes into these parts.
The Settlers at Home Harriet Martineau

His ubiquitous patrols seriously alarmed the Boer general as to the safety of his outposts at Arundel.
Sir John French Cecil Chisholm

Arundel, however, refused his benediction until he had inquired into the matter.
Mistress Margery Emily Sarah Holt

This appears to establish a tenure by barony in Arundel, as a recent determination had done in Abergavenny.
View of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages, Vol. 3 (of 3) Henry Hallam

Her bower at Kilquyt was no more strewn with roses than her turret-chamber at Arundel.
The Well in the Desert Emily Sarah Holt

a town in S England, in West Sussex: 11th-century castle. Pop: 3297 (2001)


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