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any; anyone.
none, not any; nary.
a suffix occurring originally in loanwords from Classical and Medieval Latin, on adjectives (elementary; honorary; stationary; tributary), personal nouns (actuary; notary; secretary), or nouns denoting objects, especially receptacles or places (library; rosary; glossary). The suffix has the general sense “pertaining to, connected with” the referent named by the base; it is productive in English, sometimes with the additional senses “contributing to,” “for the purpose of,” and usually forming adjectives:
complimentary; visionary; revolutionary; inflationary.
Contemporary Examples

The name was first reported Friday by ary, a private Pakistani TV channel.
Osama bin Laden Dead: Latest Updates, Photos, Video The Daily Beast May 8, 2011

Historical Examples

Jest ye open yer mouths, ary one of ye, an’ I’ll show ye how crazy I am!
Fritz to the Front Edward L. Wheeler

To u$ it i$ a very important matter—it’$ nece$$ary in our bu$me$$.
Jokes For All Occasions Anonymous

We say mind, but it is heart that we should say; for ary Scheffer seems to us to estimate the latter more highly than the former.
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 4, No. 23, September, 1859 Various

I think you’re the most like husband of ary individdiwal I ever see, Mr. Crane.
The Wit and Humor of America, Volume IX (of X) Various

As in ary Scheffer, all the figures have vapid, widely opened eyes.
The History of Modern Painting, Volume 3 (of 4) Richard Muther

While in Paris he sat for his portrait to the great ary Scheffer.
The Letters of Charles Dickens Charles Dickens

The artistic evolution of ary Scheffer was brought about mainly through the influence of three women.
Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Volume 4 (of 14) Elbert Hubbard

I never had chick nor child to make me sad or glad, ary one.
Dorothy Evelyn Raymond

“The butterflies have an ary dance of their own, and so have the dragon-flies,” he said.
A Nest of Linnets Frank Frankfort Moore

(forming adjectives) of; related to; belonging to: cautionary, rudimentary
(forming nouns)

a person connected with or engaged in: missionary
a thing relating to; a place for: commentary, aviary

adjective and noun suffix, in most cases from Latin -arius, -aria, -arium “connected with, pertaining to; the man engaged in,” from PIE relational adjective suffix *-yo- “of or belonging to.” It appears in words borrowed from Latin in Middle English. In later borrowings from Latin to French, it became -aire and passed into Middle English as -arie, subsequently -ary.


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