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[ey-suh] /ˈeɪ sə/ (Show IPA), 1810–88, U.S. botanist.
Robert, 1755–1806, U.S. explorer and sea captain: discovered the Columbia River.
Thomas, 1716–71, English poet.
Historical Examples

Garden and Forest Weekly, Volume 1 No. 1, February 29, 1888 Various
More Letters of Charles Darwin Charles Darwin
More Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II Charles Darwin
The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Volume I (of II) Charles Darwin
Darwin and Modern Science A.C. Seward and Others
Origin of Cultivated Plants Alphonse De Candolle
More Letters of Charles Darwin Charles Darwin
North America Israel C. Russell
Birds and All Nature, Vol. VI, No. 1, June 1899 Various
Famous Men of Science Sarah K. Bolton

adjective, noun, verb
a variant spelling (now esp US) of grey
the derived SI unit of absorbed ionizing radiation dose or kerma equivalent to an absorption per unit mass of one joule per kilogram of irradiated material. 1 gray is equivalent to 100 rads Gy
Thomas. 1716–71, English poet, best known for his Elegy written in a Country Churchyard (1751)
The SI derived unit used to measure the energy absorbed by a substance per unit weight of the substance when exposed to radiation. One gray is equal to one joule per kilogram, or 100 rads. The gray is named after British physicist Louis Harold Gray (1905-1965).

gray area
gray matter


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