Asbestos body

asbestos body

asbestos body n.
A ferruginous body containing asbestos fibers as a core and a histologic indication of exposure to asbestos.

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  • Asbestos cement

    a compound of asbestos fiber and Portland cement formerly used for various nonstructural building purposes.

  • Asbestos cork award

    asbestos cork award humour Once, long ago at MIT, there was a flamer so consistently obnoxious that another hacker designed, had made, and distributed posters announcing that said flamer had been nominated for the “asbestos cork award”. (Any reader in doubt as to the intended application of the cork should consult the etymology under flame.) […]

  • Asbestos longjohns

    asbestos longjohns humour Notional garments donned by Usenet posters just before emitting a remark they expect will elicit flamage. This is the most common of the asbestos coinages. Also “asbestos underwear”, “asbestos overcoat”, etc. [Jargon File] (1997-07-04)

  • Asbestoses

    Mineralogy. a fibrous mineral, either amphibole or chrysotile, formerly used for making incombustible or fireproof articles. a fabric woven from asbestos fibers, formerly used for theater curtains, firefighters’ gloves, etc. Theater. a fireproof curtain. a lung disease caused by the inhalation of dust. noun any of the fibrous amphibole and serpentine minerals, esp chrysotile and […]

  • Asbestosis

    a lung disease caused by the inhalation of dust. noun inflammation of the lungs resulting from chronic inhalation of asbestos particles asbestosis as·bes·to·sis (ās’běs-tō’sĭs, āz’-) n. Pneumoconiosis due to prolonged inhalation of asbestos particles. asbestosis (ās’běs-tō’sĭs) A chronic, progressive lung disease caused by prolonged inhalation of asbestos particles.

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