a standard code, consisting of 128 7-bit combinations, for characters stored in a computer or to be transmitted between computers.
Historical Examples

Below is an ASCII representation of the plans along with a key to the rooms.
The Mormon Prophet and His Harem C.V. Waite

To see an ASCII rendering of the diagram of the Lion House, download the text or html version of this ebook.
The Mormon Prophet and His Harem C.V. Waite

noun acronym
American standard code for information interchange: a computer code for representing alphanumeric characters

1963, initialism from “American Standard Code for Information Interchange.”
A code that assigns the numbers 0 through 127 to the letters of the alphabet, the digits 0 through 9, punctuation marks, and certain other characters. For example, the capital letter A is coded as 65 (binary 1000001). By standardizing the values used to represent written text, ASCII enables computers to exchange information. Basic, or standard, ASCII uses seven bits for each character code, giving it 27, or 128, unique symbols. Various larger character sets, called extended ASCII, use eight bits for each character, yielding 128 additional codes numbered 128 to 255. Compare Unicode.

An acronym for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Computers use this code to standardize communication between different machines.

American Standard Code for Information Interchange
American Standard Code for Information Interchange

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