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a type of sponge having an oval shape and a thin body wall with pores leading directly into the spongocoel.


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  • Asconoid

    pertaining to or resembling an .

  • Ascorbase

    ascorbase ascorbase a·scor·base (ə-skôr’bās) n. A copper-containing enzyme that catalyzes the oxidation of ascorbic acid.

  • Ascorbate

    a salt or other derivative of ascorbic acid. noun a salt of ascorbic acid ascorbate a·scor·bate (ə-skôr’bāt, -bĭt) n. A salt of ascorbic acid. ascorbate (ə-skôr’bāt, -bĭt) A salt or ester of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

  • Ascorbic

    adj. 1933 (in ascorbic acid), from a- (2) + scorb(ut)ic “of scurvy” (from Medieval Latin scorbuticus “scurvy”); originally in reference to Vitamin C, which is an anti-scorbutic. The Latin word is perhaps of German or Dutch origin.

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