a suffix used in the names of enzymes:
Historical Examples

And she wanted papa to see ’em, too, so ASE led the way, like the talking man in the dime museum.
Cape Cod Stories Joseph C. Lincoln

ASE was there, and his eyes pretty nigh popped out of his head.
Cape Cod Stories Joseph C. Lincoln

“They won’t BE done till you go, ASE,” continued the master of the house.
Cy Whittaker’s Place Joseph C. Lincoln

ASE and he are pretty thick; he’s got a mortgage on ASE’s house, you know.
The Rise of Roscoe Paine Joseph C. Lincoln

Si gode 45 beleaue licht and is bricht ine o herte of o gode Manne ASE gold.
Selections from early Middle English, 1130-1250 Various

We piled after ASE, who’d made a dash to get to the headstone first.
Shorty McCabe Sewell Ford

Cheatere ouwer beoden euere, ASE sparuwe de et is one, AR 174/24: voise disant ses proiores, F.
Selections from Early Middle English 1130-1250: Part II: Notes Various

ASE so here and in l. 144 appears to be an attempt to render si cume, A.
Selections from Early Middle English 1130-1250: Part II: Notes Various

If ASE could afford clothes like that he might be his twin brother.
Kent Knowles: Quahaug Joseph C. Lincoln

As soon as he got into the domain, sure enough, there she was in the middle of a green field, grazing quite at her ASE.
The Ned M’Keown Stories William Carleton

indicating an enzyme: oxidase

word-forming element used in naming enzymes, from ending of diastase.

-ase suff.
Enzyme: amylase.
A suffix used to form the names of enzymes. It is often added to the name of the compound that the enzyme breaks down, as in lactase, which breaks down lactose. It is also added to a word describing the enzyme’s activity, as in transferase, which catalyzes the transfer of a chemical group from one molecule to another, or reductase, which catalyzes the reduction of an organic compound.

1. Advanced Software Environment.
2. Application Service Element.
3. Adaptive Server Enterprise.
airborne support equipment
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