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free from the living germs of disease, fermentation, or putrefaction.
a product, as milk or fruit juice, that is marketed in an aseptic package or container.
aseptics, (used with a singular verb) a system of packaging sterilized products in airtight containers so that freshness is preserved for several months.
Historical Examples

Better results are secured with such substances by collecting them aseptically in the first place.
The Fundamentals of Bacteriology Charles Bradfield Morrey

free from living pathogenic organisms; sterile
aiming to achieve a germ-free condition

1859, from a- (2) “not” + septic. As a noun from 1884.

aseptic a·sep·tic (ə-sěp’tĭk, ā-)
Of, relating to, or characterized by asepsis.
(ə-sěp’tĭk, ā-sěp’tĭk)
Free of microorganisms that cause disease.


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