the home of the Aesir and location of Valhalla and the palaces of the individual gods: connected with the earth by the rainbow bridge, Bifrost.
Contemporary Examples

From afar, the confab known as the World Economic Forum in Davos looked a little like Asgard, the mythical home of the Norse gods.
At Davos 2014, The Gods Of Mischief Rule Christopher Dickey January 20, 2014

Historical Examples

Well had it been said that Loki was at the bottom of all the misfortunes that ever befell in Asgard.
Told by the Northmen: E. M. [Ethel Mary] Wilmot-Buxton

He could not die there, for he was one of the Dwellers in Asgard and death might not come to him that way.
The Children of Odin Padraic Colum

And as they talked together the young Valkyrie saw in him a hero that one from Asgard might help.
The Children of Odin Padraic Colum

“Make it so that she will go beyond the wall of Asgard,” said the Giant.
The Children of Odin Padraic Colum

It was a mad chase, and all Asgard thundered with the noise of galloping hoofs and the giant’s mighty tread.
In The Days of Giants Abbie Farwell Brown

When the feast was over the Dwellers in Asgard went to Iduna’s garden as was their wont.
The Children of Odin Padraic Colum

But go thou back to Asgard; and, if every thing shall weep for Balder, then I will send him to you.
The Story of Siegfried James Baldwin

Oh, why have you carried me off from Asgard and brought me to this place?
The Children of Odin Padraic Colum

Now you can imagine the horror that was in Asgard as the sir listened to Loki’s words.
In The Days of Giants Abbie Farwell Brown

(Norse myth) the dwelling place of the principal gods, the Aesir

home of the gods in Norse religion, from Old Norse ass “god,” from Proto-Germanic *ansu- (cf. Old High German ansi, Old English os, Gothic ans “god”), from PIE *ansu- “spirit” (cf. first element in Ahura Mazda, from Avestan) + Old Norse garðr “enclosure, yard, garden” (see yard (n.1)).

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