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Paddy, Baron. real name Jeremy John Durham Ashdown. born 1941, British politician; leader of the Liberal Democrats (formerly the Social and Liberal Democrats) (1988–99); UN high representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina from 2002
Contemporary Examples

ashdown withdrew his name and the U.N. leadership on the ground proved unable to eliminate corruption and prevent electoral fraud.
Who’s Watching Karzai? Evelyn Farkas December 16, 2009

Even the police were “stunned” when Rachel confessed, said ashdown.
West Virginia Heathers: Was Skylar Neese Murdered by Her Best Friends? Caroline Linton December 18, 2013

Historical Examples

No account of ashdown would be complete without some mention of the great golfing family of Mitchell.
The Golf Courses of the British Isles Bernard Darwin

And now we leave the camp, and descend towards the west, and are on the ashdown.
Tom Brown’s School Days Thomas Hughes

And now we leave the camp, and descend toward the west, and are on the ashdown.
Tom Brown at Rugby Thomas Hughes

The little flaw of having a mistress now living with him at ashdown Park seems to be the only unpleasing circumstance about him.
Jane Austen, Her Life and Letters William Austen-Leigh and Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh

The place where the armies met was called in those times scesdune, which means ashdown.
King Alfred of England Jacob Abbott

The son replied that he knew who his mother had said he would sometime marry, and named Sister ashdown.
Precious Memories Various

He defeated the Danes, who had overrun most of England, at ashdown, and compelled them to make a treaty of peace.
Tom Brown at Rugby Thomas Hughes

Not many miles away from the latter course is that of ashdown Forest, a very tricky green abounding in heather.
The Sportswoman’s Library, Vol. 1 of 2 Various


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