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ash-colored; pale; wan:
an ashy complexion.
of or resembling :
an ashy residue.
sprinkled or covered with .
Historical Examples

His cheerfulness was all gone, and he looked old and pinched and ashy.
A Double Barrelled Detective Story Mark Twain

His eyes were closed, his lips were blue and ashy, and his frame was motionless.
Freaks of Fortune Oliver Optic

At the sound of his own name his paleness turned to an ashy yellow.
McClure’s Magazine, Vol. XXXI, No. 4, August 1908 Various

As his eyes fell on the form of his victim his face turned an ashy hue.
A Dog with a Bad Name Talbot Baines Reed

She sees him drifting—over the black water, through the ashy light.
The Frozen Deep Wilkie Collins

Her face, which had been flushed, was now ashy pale, and her lips were compressed.
The Shadow of a Crime Hall Caine

Helene looked at her and answered with a nod; her face was ashy white with faintness, while the other’s was lit up by smiles.
A Love Episode Emile Zola

Then it turned to an ashy tint; it lay over the church-yard.
A Son of Hagar Sir Hall Caine

Although the gravel itself was somewhat damp the bones were dry and powdery, ashy gray in color.
Inca Land Hiram Bingham

Accordingly the ashy light is the reflection of our own sent back to us by the Moon.
Astronomy for Amateurs Camille Flammarion

adjective ashier, ashiest
of a pale greyish colour; ashen
consisting of, covered with, or resembling ash

late 14c., from ash (n.1) + -y (2).


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