to one side; out of line; in a crooked position; awry:
to wear one’s hat askew; to hang a picture askew.
with disapproval, scorn, contempt, etc.; disdainfully:
They looked askew at the painting.
crooked; awry:
Your clothes are all askew.
Historical Examples

And not only did she stammer, But she used the kind of grammarThat is called, for sake of euphony, askew.
The Book of Humorous Verse Various

Its old logs, disjoined and askew, were all but on the ground.
Virginia of Elk Creek Valley Mary Ellen Chase

The fawners and the cringers think the Zone is all askew, but Uncle never did have use for that that was not true.
Droll Stories of Isthmian Life Evelyn Saxton

Captain askew could scarcely understand the account he heard.
Washed Ashore W.H.G. Kingston

She turned it, and the door fell back, askew on its broken hinges.
Poison Island Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch (Q)

At length, most unwillingly, Captain askew told the men that he should return into the Tower.
Washed Ashore W.H.G. Kingston

They hung all askew, helplessly pinned, some broadside, some upended.
Wandl the Invader Raymond King Cummings

Then her hat got askew, and down came a long braid over his shoulder.
Openings in the Old Trail Bret Harte

Her ventilators were askew and her funnel was scrofulous and many of her rivet-heads seemed to be eaten away.
The Shadow Arthur Stringer

Osborne resold this inimitable windfall to Dr. askew for 60 guineas.
Prices of Books Henry B. Wheatley

adverb, adjective
at an oblique angle; towards one side; awry

1570s, of uncertain etymology; perhaps literally “on skew” (see skew), or from the Old Norse form, a ska. Earlier askoye is attested in the same sense (early 15c.).

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