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  • Asma

    asma Aerospace Medical Association Contemporary Examples Her sister, asma, says their parents were less rigid and more understanding than their brothers and other relatives. The World’s Bravest Singers Ron Moreau & Sami Yousafzai July 17, 2013 “My mother and father were upset, but they did not kick us out of the house as some of […]

  • Asmara

    a city in and the capital of Eritrea, in N Ethiopia. a republic in NE Africa, on the Red Sea: Italian colony 1890–1941; province of Ethiopia 1962–93; independent since 1993. 47,076 sq. mi. (121,927 sq. km). Capital: Asmara. Historical Examples The view over the plain to the west is bounded by the Mediterranean, intersected by […]

  • Asme

    American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Contemporary Examples The Daily Beast attracts over 11 million unique visitors and was recently nominated for three prestigious digital ASME awards. 2012 Summit: Who’s On Stage March 5, 2012 American Society of Mechanical Engineers American Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • Asmodeus

    an evil spirit. Historical Examples She would cleave to the good God Lucifer, and she aspired to be the bride of Asmodeus. Devil-Worship in France Arthur Edward Waite Aeshma, later Asmodeus, may be named; he is one of the Drvants, or storm-fiends. History of Religion Allan Menzies I feel like “waving aside all roofs,” in […]

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