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Mount, a volcanic mountain in Japan, in central Kyushu, noted for its vast caldera. 5223 feet (1593 meters).
Historical Examples

The dogs (Aso)are surly, ill-kept creatures of mongrel breed.
The Tinguian Fay-Cooper Cole

For the accomplishment of his ends he leagued himself with Aso, the queen of Ethiopia, and seventy-two other conspirators.
Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt Lewis Spence

Aso san, the monster crater of Japan, largest by far in the world, is fourteen miles long by ten wide and contains many farms.
The Book of the National Parks Robert Sterling Yard

a group of five volcanic cones in Japan on central Kyushu, one of which, Naka-dake, has the largest crater in the world, between 16 km (10 miles) and 24 km (15 miles) in diameter. Highest cone: 1592 m (5223 ft) Also called Asosan (ˌɑːsəʊˈsɑːn)
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