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a white, crystalline, amino acid, NH 2 COCH 2 CH(NH 2)COOH, soluble in water, obtained from certain plants, especially legumes, and used chiefly as a nutrient in culture media for certain bacteria. Symbol: N.
Abbreviation: Asn;
Historical Examples

The diuretic action is extremely feeble, and neither the plant nor asparagine is now used medicinally.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 7 Various

Aspartic acid, on the contrary, had presented to him molecular dissymmetry, like asparagine itself.
Louis Pasteur Ren Vallery-Radot

The influence of small amounts of asparagine in enormously increasing the hydrolytic effect of amylase is an example.
The Chemistry of Plant Life Roscoe Wilfred Thatcher

When some other source of nitrogen is present, such as asparagine or an ammonium salt, the amount falls to 005 to 01.
Alcoholic Fermentation Arthur Harden

Then he prepared a gelatine solution with a little sugar, asparagine, and other materials, and added the nodule-extract.
Boys’ Second Book of Inventions Ray Stannard Baker

Besides solutions containing ammonium salts and urea, I have succeeded in nitrifying solutions of asparagine, milk, and rape cake.
Scientific American Supplement, Vol. XIX, No. 470, Jan. 3, 1885 Various

a nonessential amino acid, a component of proteins

asparagine as·par·a·gine (ə-spār’ə-jēn’)
Abbr. Asn
An amino acid found in proteins that is the beta-amide of aspartic acid. Also called asparamide.
A nonessential amino acid. Chemical formula: C4H8N2O3. See more at amino acid.


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