any of various poplars, as Populus tremula, of Europe, and P. tremuloides (quaking aspen) or P. alba (white aspen) of America, having soft wood and alternate ovate leaves that tremble in the slightest breeze.
of or relating to the aspen.
trembling or quivering, like the leaves of the aspen.
a town in central Colorado: ski resort.
Contemporary Examples

Osama bin Laden is dead today in large part because Tammany won and the aspen Institute lost.
David’s Bookclub: Kill or Capture David Frum September 10, 2012

There is also the Hawaii home, the aspen home, the Hamptons home, the Manhattan home, and probably a few more.
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: 8 Secrets Nicole LaPorte December 14, 2010

Accommodations: aspen Snowmass (800-525-6200; lists the many lodging options available in town.
Olympians Dish on Their Favorite Spots to Ski & Snowboard The Daily Beast October 25, 2013

“I had a bad fall at the end of a day of skiing in aspen,” the designer told WWD in an e-mail.
Bernard Arnault Gets an OBE; Pope Francis’s Shoes Spur Speculation The Fashion Beast Team March 28, 2013

He became chairman and CEO of CNN in 2001, and then president and CEO of the aspen Institute in 2003.
Reboot America! Participants The Daily Beast September 23, 2010

Historical Examples

I remember a sub-lieutenant trembling like an aspen leaf: he had neglected to call my carriage.
Old Kensington Miss Thackeray

I seized the bridle, and he sprang up; but I could feel that he was shivering like an aspen.
The Scalp Hunters Mayne Reid

The beaver was anxious to reach a spot in the aspen grove where we could hear the other beavers at work.
Polly and Eleanor Lillian Elizabeth Roy

Well, she trembled like an aspen leaf, trembled like one in an ague, even as she sat.
A Simpleton Charles Reade

He had pitched his camp at the edge of a thicket of alder and aspen near a narrow stream of water in a big arroyo.
Square Deal Sanderson Charles Alden Seltzer

any of several trees of the salicaceous genus Populus, such as P. tremula of Europe, in which the leaves are attached to the stem by long flattened stalks so that they quiver in the wind Archaic name asp
(archaic, mainly literary) trembling

late 14c., from adjective or genitive form of Old English æspe “aspen tree, white poplar,” from Proto-Germanic *aspo (cf. Old Norse ösp, Middle Dutch espe, Old High German aspa, German Espe), from PIE *apsa “aspen” (cf. Lithuanian opuse). The current form in English probably arose from phrases such as aspen leaf, aspen bark. Its leaves have been figurative of tremulousness and quaking since at least early 15c. (an Old English name for it was cwicbeam, literally “quick-tree”).

A toy language for teaching compiler construction.
[“ASPEN Language Specifications”, T.R. Wilcox, SIGPLAN Notices 12(11):70-87, Nov 1977].
American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

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