to produce in.
to cause to die or lose consciousness by impairing normal breathing, as by gas or other noxious agents; choke; suffocate; smother.
to become asphyxiated.
to cause asphyxia in or undergo asphyxia; smother; suffocate

1818, “to suffocate” (someone or something), from asphyxia + -ate (2). Related: Asphyxiated; asphyxiating.

asphyxiate as·phyx·i·ate (ās-fĭk’sē-āt’)
v. as·phyx·i·at·ed, as·phyx·i·at·ing, as·phyx·i·ates
To induce asphyxia.
as·phyx’i·a’tion n.

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