Aspiration biopsy

aspiration biopsy

aspiration biopsy n.
See needle biopsy.

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  • Aspiration pneumonia

    aspiration pneumonia aspiration pneumonia n. Bronchopneumonia resulting from the entrance of foreign material, usually food particles or vomit, into the bronchi.

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    relating to or characterized by or a strong desire for something: their aspirational goals for the New Year. aimed at or appealing to people who want to attain a higher social position or standard of living: a magazine featuring aspirational products for the home. Medicine/Medical. relating to the act of removing a fluid from a […]

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    an apparatus or device employing suction. Hydraulics. a suction pump that operates by the pressure differential created by the high-speed flow of a fluid past an intake orifice. Medicine/Medical. an instrument for removing body fluids by suction. Historical Examples Arrange the flask with its ice casing just above the neck of the aspirator bottle. The […]

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    pertaining to or suited for aspiration.

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