Ass is dragging, one’s

ass is dragging, one’s


The subject is very tired; one is exhausted and hence sluggish

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    ass is on the line, someone’s sentence Someone is at risk; someone has taken a perilous responsibility: A friend’s ass is on the line and I promised I’d talk to you/ I better be right this time, because my ass is on the line [fr the notion of a line separating hostile persons, such that […]

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    ass is grass, one’s sentence The subject is in trouble; one will be ruined, undone, etc: Give me a title, in short, or your ass is grass (1940s+)

  • Ass-kick

    to kick ass. See (def 34).

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    to kick ass. See (def 34).

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    the practice or an instance of attempting to curry favor by the excessive use of compliments, praise, or the like. noun Flattery; currying favor with superiors; brown-nosing: It’s a short step from lip service to ass-kissing

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