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a state in NE India. 85,012 sq. mi. (220,181 sq. km).
Capital: Shillong.
Contemporary Examples

That’s because we’ve had an outbreak of bloodshed in the eastern state of Assam.
The Irony of the Anti-Immigration Violence in Assam Dilip D’Souza August 19, 2012

One, the specter of the Bangladeshi Muslim invasion is a widely-held impression about Assam.
The Irony of the Anti-Immigration Violence in Assam Dilip D’Souza August 19, 2012

In truth, blame is not quite so easy to hand out: the ugliness in Assam has intricate, complex roots.
The Irony of the Anti-Immigration Violence in Assam Dilip D’Souza August 19, 2012

While I was wandering about yesterday in Guwahati, in the northeastern state of Assam, a friend called.
India’s Real Power Shortage Dilip D’Souza August 1, 2012

For example, one writer pointed out that the Muslim presence in Assam goes back decades, even centuries.
The Irony of the Anti-Immigration Violence in Assam Dilip D’Souza August 19, 2012

Historical Examples

On the other hand, the Shahas of Assam, immigrants from Bengal, have managed to raise themselves high in the social scale.
New Ideas in India During the Nineteenth Century John Morrison

Gauhati is the present capital of Assam, as Mandalay was once the capital of Burma.
A Tour of the Missions Augustus Hopkins Strong

The vegetation remains in a remarkable degree similar to that of Assam.
Journals of Travels in Assam, Burma, Bhootan, Afghanistan and The William Griffith

He began by the amalgamation of some tea plantations in Assam.
The Strange Case of Mortimer Fenley Louis Tracy

The disposition to insurrection in Assam and Chittagong was kept down by astonishingly weak forces.
The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.III. E. Farr and E. H. Nolan

(in Malaysia) tamarind as used in cooking. Assam ikan is a dish of fish cooked with tamarind
a state of NE India, situated in the central Brahmaputra valley: tropical forest, with the heaviest rainfall in the world; produces large quantities of tea. Capital: Dispur. Pop: 26 638 407 (2001 est). Area: 78 438 sq km (30 673 sq miles)
a high-quality black tea grown in the state of Assam


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