a group of persons or things gathered or collected; an assembly; collection; aggregate.
the act of assembling; state of being assembled.
Fine Arts.

a sculptural technique of organizing or composing into a unified whole a group of unrelated and often fragmentary or discarded objects.
a work of art produced by this technique.
Compare , , (def 4).

Archaeology. the aggregate of artifacts and other remains found on a site, considered as material evidence in support of a theory concerning the culture or cultures inhabiting it.
Contemporary Examples

Self-Portrait, 1916,” which Man Ray made at the age of 26, is notably considered the “first proto-Dada assemblage.
Man Ray Revealed Philip Gefter November 11, 2009

“The street pole that tells a wonderful story,” Maria told the assemblage.
How Brooklyn’s First Ice Cream Girl Fought City Hall–and Won Michael Daly October 12, 2014

But leadership is more than an assemblage of intellectually correct positions.
Inside Obama’s Tax-Cut Gamble Howard Kurtz December 7, 2010

Historical Examples

Passing by the common and its assemblage of Whigs, he “spoke somewhat contemptuously of them.”
The Siege of Boston Allen French

An embarrassed silence fell like a vapor over the assemblage.
Tiverton Tales Alice Brown

Philostorgius affirms, that the inscription was formed by an assemblage of stars; Arthemius says that the letters were golden.
A Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 10 (of 10) Franois-Marie Arouet (AKA Voltaire)

This assemblage of evergreens was not, then, one of the bounties of Nature; they had been planted.
Bride of the Mistletoe James Lane Allen

Seating myself in one of its cane-bottomed seats, I glanced around on the assemblage.
The Continental Monthly, Vol. 3 No 2, February 1863 Various

What is your plan, and what do you want to do with this assemblage of people?
The Middle Class Gentleman Moliere

According to custom Garland, clerk of the last House, called the assemblage to order and began the roll-call.
John Quincy Adams John. T. Morse

a number of things or persons assembled together; collection; assembly
a list of dishes served at a meal or the dishes themselves
the act or process of assembling or the state of being assembled
(ˌæsəmˈblɑːʒ). a three-dimensional work of art that combines various objects into an integrated whole

c.1704, from French assemblage “gathering, assemblage,” from assembler (see assemble). Earlier English words in the same sense include assemblement, assemblance (both late 15c.).
A collection of artifacts from a single datable component of an archaeological site. Depending on the site and culture, an assemblage may be associated with a single limited activity, as with stone tools found at a butchering site, or may reflect a broad range of cultural life, as with artifacts found in a communal living site.

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