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Asset management

asset management

The process whereby a large organisation collects and maintains a comprehensive list of the items it owns such as hardware and software. This data is used in connection with the financial aspects of ownership such as calculating the total cost of ownership, depreciation, licensing, maintenance, and insurance.
Contemporary Examples

He is also a strategist with Ten asset management, a Southern California institutional money management firm.
Is It a Terrible Time to Move? Paul Kedrosky November 24, 2008

First, his credentials: He did international mergers and acquisitions at Lazard, a financial and asset management firm.
Sen. Warren’s Main Street Crusade to Pressure Clinton Eleanor Clift January 7, 2015

They are often pleasantly surprised when a woman comes in the door as a leader of an asset management business.
Entrepreneurial Environment Lets Exec Stand Out Daily Beast Promotions November 15, 2010

But the dividends to large shareholders will provide ready stimulus to the asset management, vacation home, and boat industries.
Fiscal Cliff Fears Drive Huge Spike in Dividend Payouts Matthew Zeitlin November 27, 2012

He is also a strategist with Ten asset management, a southern California institutional money management firm.
They Knew What They Were Getting Into Paul Kedrosky December 15, 2008

The decline in mergers and acquisitions has endangered the venerable 160-year-old M&A and asset management boutique’s fate.
The Meltdown Thumps the Magician Bruce Wasserstein William D. Cohan October 23, 2008

He is also a strategist with Ten asset management, a Southern California institutional-money-management firm.
Do the Markets Hate Obama? Paul Kedrosky February 24, 2009


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