the act of .
an emphatic assertion.
Historical Examples

Finally through the mist he heard the asseveration that it must be the work of fox or badger.
Bakemono Yashiki (The Haunted House) James S. De Benneville

It has not occurred to her that his words are a question rather than an asseveration.
April’s Lady Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

“Only in a speritchual sense, Sister Sudley,” Nehemiah gasped, as he made haste to qualify his asseveration.
The Moonshiners At Hoho-Hebee Falls Charles Egbert Craddock (AKA Mary Noailles Murfree)

With all his asseveration he does nothing to convince us that he was ever at Windsor, or that, if so, he was glad to be there.
Windsor Castle Edward Thomas

The other man kept up the argument by spitting and by asseveration.
Letters from America Rupert Brooke

She then repeated her asseveration that she would now do it effectually if he disappointed her.
Amelia Henry Fielding

He now called to mind the words of her asseveration, that her child was with the dead.
The Catholic World; Vol. IV.; October, 1866, to March, 1867. E. Rameur

I venture to add, with all possible energy of asseveration, that I did that thing, Nim.
Quodlibet John P. Kennedy

He was threatened with an arrest, but persisted in his asseveration that he would obey the judge’s order.
The American Quarterly Review, No. 17, March 1831 Various

It was impossible to persuade him that such an asseveration could be false.
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 5, No. 28, February, 1860 Various


1550s, from Latin asseverationem (nominative asseveratio) “vehement assertion, protestation,” noun of action from past participle stem of asseverare (see asseverate).

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