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characterized by ; .
Historical Examples

This is another instance of the synthetic or assimilative phase of scientific thinking.
How We Think John Dewey

Or Mr. Waldner’s assimilative opinion that he had seen only ice crystals.
The Book of the Damned Charles Fort

The assimilative force of the American public school is eloquent testimony to the efficacy of the common and balanced appeal.
Democracy and Education John Dewey

Then his receptivity and assimilative powers are enormous, and he demands these in his reader.
Birds and Poets John Burroughs

Fat is only surplus tissue—the amount manufactured by the assimilative system over and above the needs of the body.
How to Analyze People on Sight Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict

The assimilative and nervous systems can be trained to tolerate injurious influences to a remarkable degree.
The Chemistry of Food and Nutrition A. W. Duncan

With the assimilative power of genius, he was quick to seize upon anything he thought politic.
A Short History of English Music Ernest Ford

We are probably at once the most assimilative and the most sensitive nation in Europe.
The Revival of Irish Literature Charles Gavan Duffy

It has an assimilative power possessed by no other institution in our country.
Speeches of Benjamin Harrison Benjamin Harrison

He reads through the whole tract of his digestive and assimilative nature.
The Lost Art of Reading Gerald Stanley Lee


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