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a town in E Umbria, in central Italy: birthplace of St. Francis of Assisi.
Contemporary Examples

His home base is Saint Francis of Assisi Church in Midtown Manhattan.
Mother Cabrini, Saint of the Green Card Michael Luongo November 10, 2014

“Always preach the Gospel,” St. Francis of Assisi, from whom the new pope adopted his name, had once said.
Pope Francis Has Done Penance for His Lapse of Courage in Argentina Michael Daly March 18, 2013

Consider Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.
Kateri Tekakwitha: First Indigenous Saint’s Story Bill Donahue December 22, 2011

In 1997, an earthquake in Assisi caused the collapse of the main cathedral and killed ten people.
Florence Preps ‘David’ for the Big One Barbie Latza Nadeau December 24, 2014

Francis, we are told, could be a reference to St. Francis of Assisi, who, like Bergoglio, was known for his humility.
Can We Call Him Frank? New Pope Picks New Name, Francis Andrew Romano March 12, 2013

Historical Examples

Then Brother Elias, hearing this, had them severely beaten by his servants, and drove them from Assisi in great confusion.
The Story of Assisi Lina Duff Gordon

This is said to have been the experience of St. Francis of Assisi.
Third class in Indian railways Mahatma Gandhi

It therefore received the fugitives with alacrity, and making their cause its own, declared war upon Assisi.
Life of St. Francis of Assisi Paul Sabatier

Two leper-stories are told to the honour of St Francis of Assisi.
A History of Epidemics in Britain (Volume I of II) Charles Creighton

The Oddi were again driven from the city, but a war followed which devastated the fertile country between Perugia and Assisi.
Pictures in Umbria Katharine S. (Katharine Sarah) Macquoid

a town in central Italy, in Umbria: birthplace of St Francis, who founded the Franciscan religious order here in 1208. Pop: 25 304 (2001)


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