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  • Assoc.

    . associated. . Contemporary Examples Jason Lambert, assoc. Creative Director, GlobalHue, NYC The Democratic Party: Our scandals are more fun. Yes We Could Have! James P. Othmer March 7, 2010 Historical Examples assoc. Report, 1899, with a slight modification to allow for the increase in the specific heat below 20 C. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, […]

  • Associable

    capable of being . (of a nation or state) belonging to an economic . an associable nation or state. Historical Examples In short, nothing of the extravagance of the time, on either side, is associable with the outset of Jeffrey’s career. Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, Vol. 1. No 1, June 1850 Various

  • Associate

    to connect or bring into relation, as thought, feeling, memory, etc.: Many people associate dark clouds with depression and gloom. to join as a companion, partner, or ally: to associate oneself with a cause. to unite; combine: coal associated with shale. to enter into union; unite. to keep company, as a friend, companion, or ally: […]

  • Associate of arts

    a degree granted especially by junior colleges after completion of two years of study. Abbreviation: A.A.

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