Association football

Historical Examples

He liked cheap papers, picture-palaces, and association football.
A Man of Means P. G. Wodehouse and C. H. Bovill

In association football, too, Ireland is coming into her own.
The Glories of Ireland Edited by Joseph Dunn and P.J. Lennox

association football has become one of the most popular of all national sports in the United Kingdom.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 10, Slice 5 Various

In broad dramatic quality I should place it above cricket, and on a level with association football.
Your United States Arnold Bennett

No player among the half-backs of the old school was so much thought of in association football as Thomson.
Scottish Football Reminiscences and Sketches David Drummond Bone

Be that as it may, the association football of to-day does not really possess the same charm to me as it did ten years ago.
Scottish Football Reminiscences and Sketches David Drummond Bone

Provost Goodfellow was a most genial soul, and particularly fond of association football.
Scottish Football Reminiscences and Sketches David Drummond Bone

The association football goal net into which the ball is kicked is fastened to the ground and is made of tarred rope.
Outdoor Sports and Games Claude H. Miller

Merely to think of association football in connection with her was enough to make the folly of his conduct clear.
A Man of Means P. G. Wodehouse and C. H. Bovill

A good deal of the art of the game consists in passing or nursing, as in association football.
Three Hundred Things a Bright Boy Can Do Anonymous

a more formal name for soccer

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