Associative cortex

(anatomy) the part of the cortex that does not have direct connections to the senses or motor system and is thought to be involved in higher mental processes

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  • Associative learning

    associative learning associative learning n. A learning principle based on the belief that ideas and experiences reinforce one another and can be mentally linked to enhance the learning process.

  • Associative memory

    associative memory content addressable memory Historical Examples No wonder that the associative memory has to be most carefully cultivated in golf. The Soul of Golf Percy Adolphus Vaile Without this power of associative memory we would not be able to reason. Plain English Marian Wharton

  • Associative neuron

    associative neuron associative neuron n. A nerve cell that is within the central nervous system and that links sensory and motor neurons.

  • Associative storage

    noun (computing) a storage device in which the information is identified by content rather than by an address Also called content-addressable storage

  • Associatively

    pertaining to or resulting from association. tending to associate or unite. Mathematics, Logic. (of an operation on a set of elements) giving an equivalent expression when elements are grouped without change of order, as (a + b) + c = a + (b + c). having reference to this property: associative law of multiplication. adjective […]

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