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to distribute, place, or arrange according to kind or class; classify; sort.
to furnish with a suitable or variety of goods; make up of articles likely to suit a demand.
Archaic. to group with others of the same or similar kind; connect or identify as of a similar class; associate (usually followed by with).
to agree in sort or kind; be matched or suited.
to associate; consort.
(transitive) to arrange or distribute into groups of the same type; classify
(intransitive) usually foll by with. to fit or fall into a class or group; match
(transitive) to supply with an assortment of merchandise
(transitive) to put in the same category as others; group
(rare) (intransitive) usually foll by with. to keep company; consort

late 15c., “to distribute into groups,” from Middle French assortir (15c.), from Old French assorter “to assort, match,” from a- “to” (see ad-) + sorte “kind” (see sort). Related: Assorted; assorting.


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