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Assurnasirpal ii



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  • Assuror

    to declare earnestly to; inform or tell positively; state with confidence to: She assured us that everything would turn out all right. to cause to know surely; : He assured himself that no one was left on the bus. to pledge or promise; give surety of; guarantee: He was assured a job in the spring. […]

  • Assy

    assy adjective Malicious; nasty; mean; bitchy (Homosexuals) Historical Examples After this assy was engaged in superintending the manufacture of munitions of war. Paris under the Commune John Leighton assy, thinking the man was a Federal, replied, “You should have challenged me sooner.” Paris under the Commune John Leighton

  • Assyr.

    . Assyrian

  • Assyria

    an ancient empire in SW Asia: greatest extent from about 750 to 612 b.c. Capital: Nineveh. Historical Examples Three distinct foreign influences may be distinguished: they originate in Egypt, in Assyria, and in the Aegean. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 8 Various He finds Assyria and the Mounds of Cholula at his door, […]

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