a fatigue or tiring of the eyes, usually characterized by discomfort, dimness of vision, and headache, caused by overuse of the visual organs, dysfunction of the ocular muscles, and incorrect refraction.
Historical Examples

Despite all reasons then for the supposition the asthenopia was certainly not of a muscular nature.
Schweigger on Squint C. Schweigger

The only drawback to her perfect use of all her functions lay in asthenopia, which lasted nearly a year after she left my care.
Fat and Blood S. Weir Mitchell

asthenopia, which occurs in children in connection with hypermetropia, is nearly always accompanied by defective vision.
Schweigger on Squint C. Schweigger

a technical name for eyestrain

asthenopia as·the·no·pi·a (ās’thə-nō’pē-ə)
See eyestrain.
as’the·nop’ic (-nŏp’ĭk) adj.

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