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Astigmatic lens

astigmatic lens

astigmatic lens n.
See cylindrical lens.


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  • Astigmatism

    Also called astigmia [uh-stig-mee-uh] /əˈstɪg mi ə/ (Show IPA). Ophthalmology. a refractive error of the eye in which parallel rays of light from an external source do not converge on a single focal point on the retina. Optics. an aberration of a lens or other optical system in which the image of a point is […]

  • Astigmatizer

    a cylindrical lens used in a rangefinder to draw out the point image of a point source into a line.

  • Astigmatometer

    an apparatus for measuring the degree of . astigmatometer a·stig·ma·tom·e·ter (ə-stĭg’mə-tŏm’ĭ-tər) or as·tig·mom·e·ter (ās’tĭg-mŏm’ĭ-tər) n. An instrument for measuring the degree of and determining the variety of astigmatism. a·stig’ma·tom’e·try (-trē) or as’tig·mom’e·try n.

  • Astigmometer

    an apparatus for measuring the degree of .

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