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causing or surprise; amazing:
an astonishing victory; an astonishing remark.
Contemporary Examples

Israelis are astonishingly unified in defense of their country’s flotilla interception.
Bibi’s Unlikely New Fan Club Ethan Perlson June 4, 2010

She is smiling as he raises the baby above his head; the child is astonishingly calm.
Joe Walsh Vs. Tammy Duckworth: Yelps, ‘Lies’ and Tough Talk in Illinois House Showdown Lloyd Grove November 4, 2012

That, astonishingly, is a typical entry in this splendid literary tapestry.
Civil War Confidential Malcolm Jones February 21, 2011

But, astonishingly, rather than distancing themselves from the crisis, Hamas leaders have intensified their engagement in it.
Hamas in the Crosshairs Hussein Ibish July 25, 2013

Postwar Britain astonishingly voted in Clement Atlee over Winston Churchill.
Obama: More Nixon Than Carter Melik Kaylan September 24, 2010

Historical Examples

Miss Blake found “Bailey’s Babies” astonishingly unmanageable.
Little Aliens Myra Kelly

The stenographer’s cheeks were burning; she was astonishingly pretty.
The Daughter of a Magnate Frank H. Spearman

Tests have proved that even heavy cars can be pulled up in astonishingly short distances, considering their rate of travel.
How it Works Archibald Williams

That the bee-moth has multiplied most astonishingly, is undoubtedly true.
Langstroth on the Hive and the Honey-Bee L. L. Langstroth

They were both handsome young fellows; one of them was astonishingly handsome, swarthy, black-eyed.
The Created Legend Feodor Sologub

causing great surprise or amazement; astounding


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