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astride with one leg on each side of; astride:
sitting astraddle a fence.
Historical Examples

astraddle on Tono-Bungay, he flashed athwart the empty heavens—like a comet—rather, like a stupendous rocket!
Tono Bungay H. G. Wells

Having careered, plunging and tugging and side-stepping, until she was astraddle of the outside trace, Jenny stopped.
The Pike’s Peak Rush Edwin L. Sabin

He made a few turns around the room, astraddle of his chair, and ended by a grand somersault, as if his steed had dismounted him.
The Private Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, Complete Constant

The antagonists in the strange duello sat back to back, astraddle a seat.
The Skipper and the Skipped Holman Day

Set him astraddle the wooden horse with a spear shaft at either foot to teach him that a soldier’s first duty is not to think.
The Black Douglas S. R. Crockett

(postpositive) with a leg on either side of something


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